The group of master students is involved in a series of field activities:

  • Sustainable Water Use in Agriculture and Mobile Mapping Technologies for expedite field application. Organized by Marco Bezzi (Chair Programme Manafer) and taught by Marco Bezzi, Alfonso Vitti (UNITN), Carlo Pellegrini (Nadir NGO), Giorgio Cancelliere, Arianna Facchi, Fabio Fussi (Uni Bicocca Milan), Luca Brentari (Edmund Mach Foundation, Trento). The course has a strong field connotation and it aims at developing expedite practical monitoring skills and abilities for sustainable water resources management, particularly for use in agriculture.

  • Water Supply in emergency contexts. Organized with the “Master WASH” (Master Programme in Water Resources Management within International Cooperation of University of Bicocca, Milan). The course is taught by technical personnel of the Italian branch of the Red Cross. It has a strong practical/technical connotation and it aims at developing technical skills for the implementation of effective water supply solutions in emergency context, like those related to conflicts or to natural hazards.

Stay tuned for the next edition, there will be the opportunity to be involved even if you are not part of the Master School! Latest news