What happened next?

Good impacts from theses and internships

Since the creation of the MSc, 14 internships have been realised and, in 80 % of the cases, students have carried out their thesis research in a context of international cooperation

Practical impacts


Handbook for maintenance and management of rural aqueduct, realised by the 2017 SeeD

WORK flow and irrigation system

A work flow has been established to realise the rural aqueduct in Boya and an irrigation system has been implemented according to the 2016 SeeD outcomes

waste collection system

A cross-border waste collection project between Montenegro and Albania was launched after the thesis of Martina Marogna

madzi-athu project

27 water comitees have been established, 13 neighborhoods reached by a sensibilization programme of latrine self-construction, 10 water springs installed

Scientific impacts

Hydro-Morphological Disturbance and Suitability for Temporary Agriculture of Riverine Islands in a Tropical Wandering River

Serrao L., Brentari L., Balcazar Terrones L.E., Huamani Yupanqui H.A., Rengifo Trigoso J.P., Zolezzi G. (2022)

Assessment of wastewater reuse potential for irrigation in rural semi-arid areas: the case study of Punitaqui, Chile

Serrao L., Molinos-Senante M., Bezzi M., Ragazzi M. (2020)

A social assessment of forest resource based on stakeholders’ perception: an application in three Balkans rural areas

Crivellaro M., Camin M., Colle G., Bezzi M., Paletto A. (2020)

Integrating dendrochronology and geomatics to monitor natural hazards and landscape changes

Ciolli M., Bezzi M., Comunello G., Laitempergher G., Gobbi S., Tattoni C., Cantiani M. G. (2019)

Eutrophication, Research and Management History of the Shallow Ypacaraí Lake (Paraguay)

López Moreira M, G., Hinegk, L., Salvadore, A., Zolezzi, G., Hölker, F., Monte Domecq S, R., … & Escribá, C. (2018)

Urban gully erosion in sub‐Saharan Africa: A case study from Uganda

Zolezzi G., Bezzi M., Spada D., Bozzarelli E. (2018)

Integrating field and satellite data for spatially explicit inference on the density of threatened arboreal primates

Cavada N., Ciolli M., Rocchini D., Barelli C., Marshall A. R., Rovero F. (2017)

Coastal erosion triggered by political and socio-economical abrupt changes: the case of Lalzit Bay, Albania

De Leo F., Besio G., Zolezzi G., Bezzi M., Floqi T., Lami I. (2016)

Protected areas, land planning and mountains in Developing Countries: an interesting experience in Tanzania

AA.VV. – Zortea, M. (2016)


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