What happened next?

Good impacts from theses and internships

Since the creation of the MSc, 14 internships have been realised and, in 80 % of the cases, students have carried out their thesis research in a context of international cooperation

Practical impacts


Handbook for maintenance and management of rural aqueduct, realised by the 2017 SeeD

WORK flow and irrigation system

A work flow has been established to realise the rural aqueduct in Boya and an irrigation system has been implemented according to the 2016 SeeD outcomes

waste collection system

A cross-border waste collection project between Montenegro and Albania was launched after the thesis of Martina Marogna

madzi-athu project

27 water comitees have been established, 13 neighborhoods reached by a sensibilization programme of latrine self-construction, 10 water springs installed

Scientific impacts

Hydro-Morphological Disturbance and Suitability for Temporary Agriculture of Riverine Islands in a Tropical Wandering River

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Addis Ababa. At the Roots of a Disputed Flower

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Piloting a more inclusive governance innovation strategy for forest ecosystem services management in Primiero, Italy

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Prickly Pear Seed Oil Extraction, Chemical Characterization and Potential Health Benefits

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Riqualificare le filiere agroalimentari

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A social assessment of forest resource based on stakeholders’ perception: an application in three Balkans rural areas

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I corridoi infrastrutturali dell’Africa Australe tra passato e presente

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Eutrophication, Research and Management History of the Shallow Ypacaraí Lake (Paraguay)

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Integrating dendrochronology and geomatics to monitor natural hazards and landscape changes

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Eutrophication, Research and Management History of the Shallow Ypacaraí Lake (Paraguay)

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Place-based policy-making and community security: A decision support system for integrated planning of urban ecosystem services and disservices

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Cave, rifiuti da estrazione e uso di rifiuti diversi: il Consiglio di Stato ignora la Corte di Giustizia Ue

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FOSS tools and applications for education in geospatial sciences

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