Since the creation of the degree course, 12 project internships have been realised and, in 80% of cases, students have carried out their thesis research in a context of international cooperation.

What happened next?

Good impacts from thesis and internships

Practical impact

  • Handbook for maintenance and management of rural aqueduct, realised by the 2017 internship;
  • A work table has been established to realise the rural aqueduct designed in Boya by the students of the 2016 internship;
  • A cross-border waste collection project between Montenegro and Albania was launched after the thesis of Martina Marogna;
  • Within the Madzi-Athu project: 27 water comitee have been established and reunited in an association, 13 neighborhoods reached by a sensibilization programme of latrine self-construction, 10 water springs re-instated;
  • Mitigation measures to contrast the gully erosion in Koboko, Uganda;

Scientific impact

  • Ciolli, M., Bezzi, M., Comunello, G., Laitempergher, G., Gobbi, S., Tattoni, C., & Cantiani, M. G. (2018). Integrating dendrochronology and geomatics to monitor natural hazards and landscape changes. Applied Geomatics, 1-14.
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  • Zolezzi, G., Bezzi, M., Spada, D., & Bozzarelli, E. (2018). Urban gully erosion in sub‐Saharan Africa: A case study from Uganda. Land Degradation & Development29(3), 849-859.
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  • De Leo, F., Besio, G., Zolezzi, G., Bezzi, M., Floqi, T., & Lami, I. (2016). Coastal erosion triggered by political and socio-economical abrupt changes: the case of Lalzit Bay, Albania. Coastal Engineering Proceedings1(35), 13.
  • AA.VV. – Zortea, M. (2016). Aree protette, pianificazione e montagna nei paesi in via di sviluppo: un’interessante esperienza in Tanzania (Protected areas, land planning and mountains in Developing Countries: an interesting experience in Tanzania), Reticula by ISPRA, Rome 2016, special monographic issue: Gestione conservativa e pianificazione delle risorse e dei territori montani
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