TALETE: Talenti e Territori

TALE.TE. is an Honours Programme unique at national level. It is targeted to cohorts of selected graduate students from the curricula of Civil, Environmental, Architectural and Energy Engineering and of Social Sciences and International Studies. It is organised and taught by DICAM (Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering), DSRS and CCI (Center for International Cooperation ) . The main strategic goal of TALETE is to reinforce and qualify the competencies and skills of young graduates, aiming to:

  1. Integrate the formal MSc curriculum with development cooperation – based methods, tools and approaches, from an intercultural and community-development oriented perspective;
  2. Support field-based experiences in local territories in different geographical contexts;
  3. Promote synergies between academia and international developmental organizations;
  4. Allow participants to increase their “soft skills” (problem solving, analysis, diagnosis, synthesis, planning, time management, active listening, communication, teamwork, adaptation to diversity, stress management).

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