As we continue to talk about Kosovo: even the students of SEED (Summer course of Environmental Engineering for Development) of this year, in collaboration with Trentino con i Balcani Onlus, Universiteti i Prishtinëse Universiteti Haxhi Zeka, deepened the fluvial ecology issue.
The whole Balkan area is the core of several hydro-power projects, but what are the most sustainable solution to gain this precious energy?

The first step concerned the study of the present situation of the Lumbardhi i Pejes river, nearby Peja, from a morphological and biological perspective. The team used different tools (such as 3D evaluation realized by GoPro and electrofishing) and evaluated the IBE (Indice bioetico esteso). Then, the crowded team assessed the hydraulic infrastructures already in use, in the near zone of Decan and Istog, in order to suggest improvements and upgrades in order to make them more efficient and sustainable.

What’s going to happen now? The students from the three universities are planning to exploit what is already built, aqueduct infrastructures and irrigation network, in order to produce hydro-power saving and protecting the blue heart of Europe.

Did you like the project? See you in December for the final project presentation!


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