We want to talk about a water-filled zone where water need to be protected: we mean Kosovo and their enjoyable rivers.

Can the river quality enhance the perception of Nature surrounding us? What ecosystem and environmental services can it offer?

Drini i Bardhe Radac is a river springs near the city of Pejë  and its tributaries flow in green and wild valleys, European uncontaminated landscapes which could be counted only by the fingers of a hand – and exactly for this reason are increasingly visitated by tourists-. However, during last years, hydraulic protection measures and water resources exploitation have been alterated (sometimes severely) the naturality of  Drini i Bardhë.

The thesis researcher Michele Paderno, in collaboratio with Trentino con i Balcani Onlus, has just come back after three months of fieldwork meanwhile he has studied the hydro-morphological quality of the river: mapping the weaknesses, the existent infrastructures and valuable areas is absolutely important in order to encourage the sustainable development of the zone, from an economic either environmental point of view.
Safeguarding natural resources especially when they concern water is of vital importance, ALWAYS.


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