In the south-east part of the Europe is still possible to find some environments with a high value of naturalness. Our student Emanuele Ingrassia spent three months in Albania, conducting a study for his master thesis focusing on […]
The sanitary emergency did not stop the 2020 SeeD edition. This year the students of the University of Trento developed a development cooperation project with the technicians of the Natural Reserve of Tarsia Lake, in the region of […]
In the vast and diversified world of river shapes and environments, bifurcations and confluences represent two typical morphological features, characteristic of multi-thread systems such as braided rivers and fluvial delta. Bifurcations and confluences are often not isolated but […]
Giacomo Laghetto is spending 3 months in Albania for his thesis research about the HyMo (Hydro-Morphological) characterization of the Vjosa river. At the beginning of his experience, he spent a month in  in Tirana, the capital city of […]
We want to talk about a water-filled zone where water need to be protected: we mean Kosovo and their enjoyable rivers. Can the river quality enhance the perception of Nature surrounding us? What ecosystem and environmental services can […]