Over the last decades, the rapid effects of global change, mostly related with population growth, hectic production systems, and environmental and climate variations, have shown the paramount importance of environmental sustainability for the livelihoods of Earth population and […]
This year we want to repeat the experience of the training course on water purification in emergency contexts organised yearly by the Italian Red Cross for the Master on management of water resources in international of Milano Bicocca […]
We are very proud to announce that one of our former student, Francesco Pavani, won the “Mario Falciai” award. He realized his research in Myanmar in 2015, deepening the rural water supply issue. The title of his thesis […]
We were invitated to take part to an interesting workshop entitled “Democratic Infrastructure”. Other several speaker from different Universities and associations (POLIMI, la City College of New York, UniBas, Cooperativa 19 e CampoMarzio) attended with us this event. Even […]