Did you ever asked yourself what is the impact of waste produced by an highly touristic zone? Our Frankie is trying to answer to this question evaluating the organic fraction exploitation and transforming the problem in an opportunity of sustainable development for the community.

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How the organic fraction can be managed in order to enhance the environmental quality and mitigate the methane emissions? Are there some other organic matters to be integrated in this waste-cycle?

These are the main question postulated by Marco Franchetto thesis which is now realizing in Punta Cana, one of the Dominican Republic areas whose touristic impact is terrific. The study of urban waste must include the hotel amounts.  Collection, separation, treatment and final disposal of waste are integrating with the research of further potential organic matter of the zone. Sargasso, which is an algae species crowding the fabulous beaches of Dominican Republic, the effluent from small livestocks and discards from markets and supplies become suddenly resources.


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