On April 4th 2018 Cecilia Pradella started to work for her thesis research in Dominican Republic. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the landfills of territory and their impact on environment. Particularly, the work consisted on the core activity of data collection within three areas: the urban context of Santo Domingo, the touristic one of Punta Cana and, finally, the rural one of Boyá. The common base of the three different layouts, as a rule Dominican Republic, is the completely absence of a correct landfill designing. The studied cases are open-air, without any system of environmental protection. 

The huge raininess causes an elevated leaching production, a source of pollution for either the surface water either the subterranean ones. For this reason, the research mainly focused this aspect, choosing Boyá as a pilot project. A further factor that gathers the three settlements is the Buzos presence. Buzos are the informal pikers who working, and sometimes living, within the landfill jeopardizing their own lives.

The governance purpose arises in order to solve the problems generated by the bad, and most of the cases absent, waste management. The government is working for realizing new environmental plans to restore the many polluted areas all around the country. The hoped headway, regrettably, will be achieved only if the national measures will act simultaneously  with an increasing awareness of inhabitants. Once again, a awareness raising project is essential. So that, Cecilia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Monte Plata, has involved at the forefront in collateral activities for the consciousness of Boyá municipality, such as artistic laboratories with recycled plastic matter and conferences about environmental issues due to landfills.

There are no only beaches and reef in Dominican Republic, its interior landscapes must be protected too.


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